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Merchant Business Cash Advance Leads

  • Merchants Quest Delivers

    Merchants Quest works closely with you to deliver leads that best match your business needs, requirements and goals. Our lead generation filtrating allows us to fine-tune our process according to your specific campaign requirements.

    • Real-time, non-incentivized leads interested in being contacted
    • Complete and essential information collected for each lead
    • Experienced reps who understand the dynamics of a business cash advance
    • Leads that match the level of quality desired to maximize conversion rate and ROI
  • Our Guarantee

    Merchants Quest guarantees to increase your funding volume with our premium real time targeted and pre-qualified leads.

    • Merchants interested in a Business Cash Advance, understanding the process & paperwork.
    • Select specific underwriting criteria, credit card sales volume, business types, quantity and resell limit.
    • Consistent lead volume to meet production time lines.
    • With our premium leads there will be a high funding ratio increasing your ROI.